Portait of a GFFer: Sydney Galloso

GFFers has more than one superhero but today we want to tell you about one who works in our Austin office. Sydney Galloso may not have a cape, might not be able to fly, and might not have a sidekick, but she is every bit of the superhero that makes GFF a great family. Learn about her powers to hike to the highest places, entertain on an international stage, and enjoy the best things about living in Texas below!

  1. I grew up living with four other siblings, both of my parents, and my grandma. Family means the world to me, and there was never a quiet moment growing up.
  2. I was in a mariachi ensemble in both high school and college. My high school group actually got invited to play at an international festival in Iguazu, Argentina.
  3. I have travelled to Mexico twice, and I would always love to go back. I absolutely love their culture and food. One day, I hope to retire there if possible.
  4. I love the outdoors. A breath of fresh air can always make a day better.
  5. I am an absolute superhero fanatic. When it comes to superhero movies, especially Marvel, you can always catch me at the premiere showing.
  6. I love dogs. If I ever see a dog, you can most definitely bet that I will stop and ask to pet it.
  7. My favorite food is hamburgers. No matter what the restaurant is, if a hamburger is on the menu, then I am probably ordering it.
  8. My hometown of Mission, Texas is a little less than an hour away from the US/Mexico border. This means I grew up eating some of the best Mexican food ever. There were a lot of street tacos growing up. Yum!
  9. My dad, older sister, and I love wood working and construction. Together we have constructed benches, shelves, chairs, plus so much more. I am always down to try a DIY project.
  10. I have hiked to the highest natural point in Texas, and I can honestly say it was quite exhausting.