Ojala East Riverside

Houston, Texas

Located directly off the Buffalo Bayou to the North-West of downtown Houston, Ojala East Riverside is part of a multi-phase development. The residential building gives way to 5 courtyards. The project’s main feature is the large 11,000 SF active courtyard that connects to the 12,000 SF pool courtyard through a large breezeway. Inspired by the Buffalo Bayou that is within feet of the project, a 200 FT linear water feature begins at the leasing center, flows through the breezeway and transitions into a 2,500 SF pool within the pool courtyard. The pool is equipped with 2 lounge shelves, a dipping pool, grand steps, and an infinity edge looking over the Bayou and Downtown Houston. The project also features 3 grills, a yoga deck and fitness lawn, large unit yards, 3 fire pits, an entertainment area, outdoor kitchen, lush plantings inspired by the bayou plant palette, and a wide variety of seating opportunities. Additionally, a plaza area, along with streetscape elements will be included that will connect to the following phases of the development.