Nolan Catholic High School

Fort Worth, Texas

GFF Landscape was commissioned to revitalize several underutilized interior courtyards and an outdated student drop-off circle, and create a reflection garden at the reception entrance on the Nolan Catholic High School campus.  The drop-off circle was reimagined with colored pavers and rich plantings to add visual interest and separate pedestrian and vehicular zones, while including a shaded seating area where students could eat lunch and wait for after-school pickup.  A grand stair was added to facilitate pedestrian connectivity from the academic buildings to the chapel, and the adjoining prayer garden was redone with new seating and plantings.  The interior courtyards were planned to facilitate outdoor learning opportunities, including raised gathering spaces, presentation boards, large group seating, native plantings, a pond, and experimental gardens.  Concrete benches and colorful plantings were added to the entry garden to enhance the new architectural entrance.