Next Generation Student Spaces

In recent years there has been a growing trend among churches to place extra emphasis on well-designed, impactful space for junior and senior high school students.  It makes sense:  this is a very vulnerable age group.  Teenagers are living through an awkward stage of life and are close to leaving home and navigating the world independently.  Studies have found that even consistent high school attendees tend to stop attending church regularly in early adulthood.  The reasons vary and are sometimes difficult to counter.  Student ministries work to embed consistent spiritual truths in these “almost-adults” before they leave home by providing space and resources to connect with students throughout the week – not just Sundays.  Large multi-purpose rooms, for example, can serve as student-dedicated worship spaces on Sundays and as recreational space on weekdays.  Large common areas support social gathering as well as tutoring sessions for local junior and senior high school students.  These kinds of dynamic spaces, although interesting in their own right, are not designed for “design’s sake.”  They are intentionally created tools for ministry leaders to foster engagement and excitement among their students while training the next generation of spiritual leaders within their community.

St. Andrew United Methodist Church
Chase Oaks Church - Sloan Creek
First Baptist Church Lewisville
St. Andrew United Methodist Church
First United Methodist Church of Dallas

The GFF Church Works Studio is a team of highly experienced design professionals who focus exclusively on the planning and design of faith-based facilities.

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