Moody Family YMCA Landscape

Dallas, Texas

Dutifully serving the greater Highland Park area’s recreational needs since the 1940’s, the Parks Cities YMCA was in major need of a refresh. In designing a modern and enduring landscape, the Landscape studio worked in unison with GFF Architecture to provide a design that complimented the local neighborhood both in material and scale. The re-envisioned entry is prime example of this balance, comfortably set back from the street, guests enter on cleanly designed walks with warm materials and soft plantings. To recognize the many donors who supplied funds to complete this modernizing undertaking, their names can be found displayed on squatted stone walls as well as emblazoned in a carpet of bricks flanking the main entry. Additionally, the updated site features improvements to facility’s ball fields and playground. Native and adaptive plants to north Texas were selected throughout the site to provide a thriving setting for the facility for years to come. While the corridors and fields of the Parks Cities YMCA are built to provide an ample recreational outlet for the community, the language of its exterior forms are designed to meld in with the community.