Mercer Crossing Landscape

Farmers Branch, Texas

Off the shores of a tranquil small man-made lake lies all phases of the Mercer Crossing development in Farmers Branch, Texas. Comprising of an artful business park in addition to modern multifamily residential, the community excels in its work-home connection as well as its access to nature. One of the key works in creating this access to the nature and the lake, specifically to provide reprieve to the local commercial offices, is a lakefront commons. The design of the GFF team features a series of open green spaces to meet and gather, the lakefront connection is bound by a winding trail lined with a spectrum of vibrant colored gateways. Yet to mature as an immersive flora scape, these gateways redefine the scale for the pedestrian out in this open area and add beautiful contrast as one progresses through this trail. The trail rewards those who meet its center with a large lattice art installation, a meeting point for all groups and a scenic backdrop in pairing with the lake. In pursuit of redefining the scale of these open areas by focusing on the experience through the lens of the guest, the design constrains the proportions of these spaces while intermixing elements of visual intrigue to stimulate activity and interaction throughout the area.