Melissa Park Village

Melissa, Texas

Located on a 35AC site in the growing suburb of Melissa, TX, GFF has designed a mixed use development for Owner, X-Capital. The program includes senior living, multi-family housing, a community center, worship space for The Parks Church, office, retail, and restaurants. The site features a creek and small pond that the Owner wishes to preserve and utilize as the focal point for the development. Buildings and patios front on this amenity space, which is at the heart of the development and is lined with pedestrian walkways, patios, informal seating, and program spaces. Strong pedestrian pathways tie the amenity space to the rest of the development. Buildings are located close to the street, creating a main street feel. Buildings are designed using a varied and richly toned color and material palette to provide variety and a sense of community amongst the various structures. Through the building design and incorporation of the natural site features, GFF has created a unique development with a strong sense of place.