Lyra on McKinney

Dallas, Texas

Lyra on McKinney is a luxury rental residential development on the 1.74 acre former Hope Cottage property in the Knox Park neighborhood on the north side of Fitzhugh Avenue. Utilizing 5-story wood frame construction over a 2 ½ level concrete garage structure achieved a modest density for a podium style project of 110 units per acre. A zoning change was needed to mitigate height and setbacks which would have otherwise made the project infeasible. The GFF/Trinsic team worked successfully with the Oak Lawn Committee and adjacent property owners and won their support by introducing 2-story townhome-style units and a private open space on the north side of the project to create a proper buffer from adjacent townhome style condos.

The E-shaped building opens its amenity terraces to the southern sunlight and offers great views toward the Downtown/Uptown skyline. The rhythm of the three narrow projecting building masses, rendered in a refined palette of stucco and dark metal panels, is quietly elegant, restrained and contemporary.

Interiors by Faulkner Design Group / Landscape by Studio Outside