Lakehill Preparatory School Classroom Addition

Dallas, Texas

Established in 1971, Lakehill today provides small class sizes and individual attention to 450 students in grades K through 12 in a building which was originally designed as a church and school. GFF was engaged to design an addition to provide new classrooms, a larger and more inviting library, more space for admissions and administrative offices, and a new main entrance to the school.

The L-shaped addition will connect two existing wings of the school building.The addition also captures an existing outdoor space, creating a new garden at the heart of the campus. The architecture of the two legs of the addition is treated differently. The north-facing wing is rendered in a rough warm blond brick to match the existing, with similarly scaled and proportioned windows. Acknowledging its more public functions, the more transparent west-facing wing is clad in a syncopated curtain wall, with a combination of transparent and patterned glass and stucco panels. On the ground floor, this wing provides the new entrance lobby and reception area, with a large multi-purpose room supported by a kitchenette. Four new classrooms are provided on the second floor.