Lake Highlands Town Center Landscape

Dallas, Texas

Lake Highlands is known for being a strong, well established neighborhood with a strong passion for a true, central gathering space. Lake Highlands Town Center is a 70 acre development that is envisioned as being this central space. In conjunction with O’Brien Architecture and located at two major arterial streets, GFF Planning was tasked with developing the landscape concepts for the newest addition to the Lake Highlands Town Center Development. Located amongst the gentle, rolling hills that can found throughout Lake Highlands, GFF Planning developed an Austin hill country inspired landscape that is built off of a plant palette of native plants and stone, but is designed in a more refined, urban framework. Within the central plaza space, broad curved seat and water feature walls provide restful seating opportunities for shoppers. As well, space was reserved within the central plaza space for multiple outdoor dining spaces. Shoppers will also be greeted by numerous trees planted in the parking lot that shade the pavement and work to reduce the urban heat island effect, wide covered sidewalks with varying types of enhanced paving, and multiple seating opportunities scattered throughout the site.