Jonathan Wood, RA, LEED AP

Texas Tech University

Jonathan Wood is an Associate with GFF, Inc

Jonathan joined GFF in 2008 as an architect and specializes in both Architecture and Planning for multiple market sectors. His experience includes managing retail, corporate office, healthcare and multifamily projects as well as site and building planning for these uses. While Jonathan has worked on various project types he specializes in complex building types within urban areas. Jonathan is unique in his proficiency in both Planning and Architecture; because of his expertise in these fields he is able to offer a range of services including site planning, design and visualization and construction documentation. He enjoys creating long term relationships with clients by representing them throughout the duration of a project.

Jonathan received a Master’s Degree from Texas Tech University in 2004 and is also an active member of The Texas Real Estate Council (TREC). He serves on the Professional Services Committee and is passionate about fostering relationships within the profession and community.

The Pet Post

Young and old, mix or pure, here at GFF we love our animals! We prefer our water-cooler talk to be about our beloved fur babies rather than who was voted off the island. Our pets are our children and like all parents we like to show and tell!

2014 Promotions

DALLAS, TX – January 17, 2014 – GFF is pleased to announce our recent promotions. Director of Operations Allison A. Hubbard, MBA was named a Principal. Jim West, RA, LEED AP was named an Associate Principal. In total, 22 architects, intern architects, interior designers, planners and administrative professionals were promoted in another record-breaking year for…