Heep Ranch

Austin, Texas

This 600-acre property is located at the southern edge of Austin, where the city’s new bypass will merge with Interstate 35. The land is gently to steeply rolling with stands of mature live oaks and lengthy vistas over Onion Creek to the downtown skyline. The master plan is for a richly restricted corporate business park featuring a “town center” zone with restaurants, retail, hotels and high density multi-family.

While the corporate sites are located on meandering streets and boulevards which follow the contours of the topography, the town center is structured on a neo-traditional grid pattern of streets and blocks at the top of the ridge. This structural contrast is the strength of the plan and contributes to a strong sense of place. A network of greenbelts with a trail system is proposed to link all the sites to the beautiful limestone-bottomed creek which wraps the park, offering recreational opportunities to the users.