GFF Women’s History Month

GFF’s culture of creating memorable places is driven by the talent and hard work of our entire staff.  This month, we’re sending a special shout-out to the women of GFF who continually serve our clients and community through their varied roles and disciplines. 


“I joined GFF in 1997 as a temporary receptionist and over the years I’ve worn just about every hat one can wear at GFF. I am thankful for the struggles I’ve faced in my career because without them, I wouldn’t have learned my strengths. My goal at GFF is always to push the envelope when necessary and to continually work toward changing the way women in our business are valued for their contributions – especially those in the design industry who aren’t designers. I am a firm believer in a WE mentality and that empowered women empower women!”

– Allison Hubbard, MBA; Principal / Chief Operating Officer / Corporate Treasurer


“When I came to GFF in 1999 there were only a handful of women practicing as architects and only two were licensed.  We have come a long way since then, and it gives me hope to see how things have improved.  I am encouraged to see so many talented women at GFF and look forward to seeing more in leadership positions.”

– Maria Gomez, AIA, LEED AP; Principal / Studio Director


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