Fortune 500 Company Houston

Houston, Texas

A Fortune 500 financial services company engaged GFF Interiors to design new office space for their commercial banking group. The new space spans three floors (56,000 SF) allowing the design to provide a cohesive look across the floors while providing unique areas on each level. Each floor is anchored by a large formal conference room adjacent to the elevator lobby. The open office environment is organized around clusters of low-wall workstations along the perimeter of the floor. Due to the nature of commercial banking, there are a significant number of enclosed offices. These have been provided with all-glass fronts to allow for an open and transparent environment.

The use of a warm textural flooring material provides a nice contrast to the cool crispness of the all-glass office fronts. The change in the color and texture of the flooring material along this edge provides a transition into the enclosed spaces. A walnut wood veneer was utilized for the millwork, doors and furniture throughout the space. The company’s corporate art collection was a main feature in the design and complements the contemporary aesthetic of the space.