Fortune 500 Company “Garage” (Innovation Center)

Plano, Texas

This financial services company wanted a workspace for their digital innovation group that reflects their working methodology, allows for creative thinking and sparks innovative ideas. GFF Interiors organized the open office environment (30,000 SF) around the creation of a ‘hive’ which has spaces for large team work, smaller collaboration work areas and intimate spaces for focused individual work. Throughout the space, the design accommodates different settings where employees can meet informally or find a space to work or relax away from the open office environment. The galley space serves a basic function related to food, while at the same time encouraging people to mix and interact. Throughout the design the use of reclaimed wood identifies the hives and provides warmth to the space. A carpet tile was selected to unify the space, while the use of pattern and colors define the work settings. The ceiling in the open office was exposed and painted a darker color. Acoustical ceiling elements with a light fixture were suspend over the workstation clusters, heling to anchor these against the open ceiling. Some of the intimate spaces have lower ceiling, darker finishes and lower lighting levels to set the tone for quiet work.