Fort Worth Academy

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Academy occupies a campus of approximately 21 acres, with a current enrollment of just over 200 students in grades K through 8. GFF completed a campus master plan which examined the condition, capacity and suitability of existing facilities and outdoor spaces relative to current programs and for potential new or expanded programs to meet a new strategic plan. Supporting the school’s unique pedagogy with best practices and benchmark comparisons with from peer schools, the plan identified needs and opportunities for renovation, expansion or replacement of existing facilities along with potential new construction, landscape and outdoor space enhancements.

Major interventions proposed included an expansion and reconfiguration of the Middle School wing to create new flexible “radical collaboratory” and improve instructional spaces, new administrative and welcome spaces, a new, larger gymnasium, and enhancement and renovation of the existing gym for use as an assembly/performance space.

The Middle School addition/renovation was completed for the 2021-22 school year.