Employee Solutions

Plano, Texas

Employee Solutions is one of Texas’ fastest growing staffing agencies. GFF Architects worked closely with the agency’s leadership and general contractor Strategic Construction to design a new 15,000 SF headquarters located in close proximity to the “$5 billion mile.” The structure is innovative in its use of tilt-wall construction, marrying efficient design with the contemporary, forward-thinking image of Employee Solutions.

The new building responds to several site conditions: The eastern façade is mostly glass, allowing for abundant morning light and strong vistas for the companies executive personnel. The north façade creates a rhythm that emulates the speed of the highway with a series of vertical louvres, standing out to the passing traffic of the Sam Rayburn Tollway. The west façade is largely opaque, providing a surface for a vertical garden to block harsh, western sunlight from interior spaces. Finally, the south façade marks a strong entry from the primary area of parking. Each of the facades combine ribbed concrete with two types of masonry construction to create depth and texture atypical in tilt-wall buildings.

Following a clear diagram of the companies personnel structure, the building is separated into two areas by a ceremonial circulation corridor which also serves as an art gallery for the family members of the company. This zone divides public and administrative space from the call center, individual offices and a suite for executive leadership. Tall exterior windows and extensive interior glazing systems allow natural light to find its way deep into the interior office areas and a sculptural, all-glass conference room becomes an exciting meeting space located in the heart of the call center.  The project was planned for future expansion, allowing a warehouse space to accommodate extended office areas as the Employee Solutions continues to grow.