East Parker County Library

Aledo, Texas

This library will be built on 3.5 acres of gifted ranch land and will function as a community center for Aledo and adjacent communities in East Parker County. The building will have access to an adjacent storm water detention area for activities such as a nature hiking trail, bird watching, nature talks and children’s play areas.

The Library is approximately 15,000 SF, and is divided into three major areas; an entry meeting and gallery area, a community room with support spaces, and the library with book stack and adjacent reading areas. In order to reduce the overall scale and massing of the building these three programmatic “pavilions” are separately expressed architecturally and are carefully joined together to form a welcoming, non-institutional composition. All three buildings can function separately or together depending on community needs.

Natural exterior building materials of wood, stone and metal, combined with simple shed roof forms accomplishes the clients goals of keeping the building anchored to Parker County’s rural history and largely agrarian/ranching context.