QIP East End

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio’s East Side has been a focus of federal and local revitalization efforts over the last decade. Rich in history and full of potential, an exciting future lies ahead for this area of the City. Building on this excitement the East End mixed-use project will bring a vibrant pedestrian-friendly office and retail development to the area.

The project includes a 6-story office building, two retail buildings and a shared parking garage with a central public plaza and green space. This urban mixed-use project seeks to activate interior and exterior spaces by creating five amenity work areas which can be used by all tenants in addition to their individually leased spaces. These areas are equipped with wireless technologies which allow the users to become mobile and work from both interior and exterior areas throughout the project.

A material palate of brick and metal respects the neighborhoods historic industrial surroundings while the building forms take on a contemporary aesthetic. Diverse outdoor areas create a district that embraces San Antonio’s outdoor friendly weather and provide public place making. Shade structures, an amphitheater and local plant species create a pedestrian centric plaza that ties the development together.