Crystal Springs Landscape

Fort Worth, Texas

From atop a large bank overlooking the West Fork of the Trinity River outside Fort Worth is the mixed-use neighborhood Crystal Springs. There currently are two phases to this project: one retail featuring raised buildings and contemporary styling about a natural amphitheater; the other predominantly modern residential featuring urban walks and multiple amenity options. In addition to the multifaceted landscape studio, as GFF houses individual architecture studios that are specialized in both retail and multifamily, it makes collaboration even more fluid and through shared resources it creates efficiencies in production. For Crystal Springs, as the grade change amongst the whole site is significant and thus can typically be a sizable hurdle, this connection has been valuable. The amenity areas are prime example of this coordination, as each are responsive of both the buildings and cut into the sloping terrain. The largest of such contains and angular pool and lounge deck, carrying through with the geometry and language of the building. Additional amenity courtyards were created to offer areas of reprieve and open greenery. Corten steel terracing and artful lighting play is used to play with the geological undulation in areas of the site. In addition, to softly blend this development into the local river ecology and sanctuary properties, much emphasis across the site was given to create a natural and native feel to the neighborhood. The materials and their colors, the softened slopes, and native and adaptive plant palette were meticulously planned to carry through this natural feel across the corridor. While the overarching connection and stewardship to the river environment is ever present, as one explores these spaces throughout the neighborhood they are met a different feel and opportunity in each.