Creekwood UMC Master Plan

Fairview, Texas

Creekwood United Methodist Church is
located on 27 acres of land situated at the
southwest corner of Stacy Road and Coun-try
Club Drive in Fairview Texas. The church
is interested in developing a long range
Master Plan that promotes the use of the
property for community gathering and
outreach that includes athletic playfelds,
a nature trail, outdoor play areas and an
outdoor amphitheater for performance
and worship. Anticipated expansions to
current facilities will include Children’s
Education space, areas for community
gathering/connection and multi-function
meeting spaces for student and adult
ministries. The church is also interested
in exploring options for a compliment of
commercial and community uses that can
be seamlessly integrated into the campus
to create a mixed-use environment with
the church as the focal point.