Cooper Clinic

McKinney, Texas

The Cooper Clinic project is a three-story 45,000 SF medical office building with an attached 191-car parking garage. The project marks Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s second venture in the ‘new urbanist’ Craig Ranch area of McKinney, and will be the prototype for future developments along Collin-McKinney Parkway. On the corner opposite the new 76,000 SF Cooper Aerobic Center, Cooper Clinic anchors the future Cooper Living Townhome development to the North. Within Cooper Clinic proper, there are three main subgroups: “Radiology”, “Boutique Medicine,” and “Women of Wellness.” The facility contains all of the same functions that original Cooper Clinic has on its north Dallas campus: Mamography, Sonogram, X-ray, MRI, Thalium, EBT Scan, Osteo(bone density), etc. The third floor of the Clinic will serve as future expansion while temporarily housing the offices of Craig International and the Craig Ranch Association offices. The exterior finishes follow the strict guidelines of Craig Ranch matching the natural stone veneer and slate roof of the Cooper Aerobic Center. Cooper opened in January 2007.