Cook Children’s Primary Care

Denton, Texas

This 12.5 acre site in the Rayzor Ranch Medical and Office Park is part of an overall 412 acre Rayzor Ranch mixed-use development in the heart of Denton, Texas. The 12,500 SF primary care facility serves the needs of its patients, up to 8 pediatricians and their staff, and includes primary care, multi-specialty and Radiology facilities. The design theme for the development is based on the Texas Ranch vernacular and incorporates simple forms and native materials, using a combination of natural stone and brick and incorporating a front porch with stone columns and an exposed wood roof deck. The wood and stone carry into the vestibules that lead to a colorful reception and waiting room with an abundance of natural light. The colorful pallet continues past reception into the circulation path that circles the building. The doctors and nurses are centrally located in an open office space with clear line of site to all exam rooms with natural light flooding in from the clerestories above.

The natural stone, brick and wood materials along with the iconic blue roofs and window walls, mesh together the aesthetic requirement of the development with the standards of the owner to produce a seamless design.