Chop Shop LIVE

Roanoke, Texas

The Roanoke Chop Shop LIVE, a new restaurant, bar and outdoor music venue located in the heart of Roanoke’s unique restaurant district is designed to embody the gritty, outlaw character of an abandoned automobile repair garage. A 5,400 SF restaurant space, taking form as a traditional pre-fabricated Quonset structure, will anchor the project along historic Oak Street and serve as an entry into the lot’s scrappy and overgrown beer garden. Two-story shipping containers placed throughout the outdoor area will give audiences premier seating opportunities surrounding the project’s elevated stage structure. Randy Rogers, a partner in the project, will be one of the musical acts that seek to propel this venue into one of DFW’s most unique musical experiences. The project, developed by Old Town Development, is currently beginning construction with sights set on an early 2018 opening.