Cardinal Health

Dallas, Texas

Cardinal Health, a Fortune 100 health care company, wanted to consolidate several recently acquired specialty business lines into one location. The new design provides an environment which fosters team collaboration, while providing privacy for individual tasks. The floor plan, which occupies an entire 12,600 SF floor, works with the existing geometry of the shell building by locating the open office function on either side of the elevator core and using the remainder of the space for semiprivate offices and formal and informal meeting areas. A large break room provides access to the existing roof balcony, while the main client presentation room is on axis with the elevator lobby and with the use of all glass openings provides a view to the central business district of Dallas.

GFF Interiors utilized Cardinal Health’s corporate design standards and incorporated additional materials such as veneer plaster and walnut veneer to reflect the uniqueness of these businesses within the corporate structure.