Camp John Marc Myers

Bosque County, Texas

Built from native stone taken from the site, the camp was designed to meet the special needs of children with severe and chronic illnesses. 22 buildings (totaling 77,400 SF) are set on 137 acres of rolling terrain with stands of oak and native grass meadows. The camp office, dining hall, medical building, arts and crafts building and multipurpose building comprise the camp’s primary facilities which are knit together by a continuous veranda to provide ease of access for wheelchair-bound children. The 10-bed medical building has the ability to simultaneously serve as a treatment center, dispensary station, isolation facility and traditional camp infirmary. The dining hall seats 220 and has a full commercial kitchen. The arts and crafts building features a covered craft porch overlooking a meadow on one side and wood on the other. Lodging is provided in 10 cabins carefully tucked beneath mature oaks. These building were designed to harmonize with their rural Texas location featuring traditional forms and generous porches, and built of sturdy, no-nonsense local materials. The result is a rustic retreat which is simple, informal and sits lightly on the land.