Burleson Business Park

Burleson, Texas

TIG Real Estate Services was selected by the City of Burleson 4A Economic Development Board to plan and develop a 170-acre tract on Interstate 35W as a business park for office and industrial uses. GFF and Dunaway Associates designed a Master Plan which is phaseable and flexible to respond to market demands for sites as small as 3.5 acres for office-tech users or as large as 50 acres for distribution centers. The roadway locations and parcel property lines were positioned to take advantage of mature tree stands and natural drainage patterns to optimize the aesthetics of the park. The park amenities include a 10-foot wide multipurpose path system which touches most properties by running along street rights of way as well as in the creekside greenbelt. Storm water detention is concentrated in two cells near the creek to avoid each parcel bearing the burden of detaining on site. The client desired a palette of native and adaptive plantings to enhance and perserve the aesthetics of the site.