Burgher Haggard Office

Fort Worth, Texas

Burgher Haggard Office Renovation is a 5,300 SF remodel of an existing two-story, mid-century modern office building, originally designed by a Fort Worth architect, Al Komatsu.

Prior to the renovation, the interior of the space consisted of a maze-like series of small, private offices, with low ceilings and little daylight. Clerestory windows and a deep roof overhang, while important design elements, limited the transmission of daylight, and the opportunity for views out.

Opening the space as much as possible, both to the interior and to the exterior, became the driving organizational strategy, while the design focused on the era of the building by integrating new design elements with existing building features. In the central office area, the roof deck and existing orange steel structure are exposed, and new x-bracing allows for the addition of full height storefront glass on each end of the space. White Oak planks identify the entry and public use spaces while a glass wall system allows for the more private offices to be engaged with the whole.