Brandt Engineering Corporate Headquarters Interiors

Carrollton, Texas

Brandt Engineering is one of the largest mechanical, electrical and plumbing sub-contractors in Texas. They selected an existing warehouse building for their new corporate headquarters. The landscape design focused on a native and adaptive plant palette to conserve resources.

Brandt enlisted the services of GFF Interiors to transform an existing building into their corporate headquarters. The design of the office space focuses on the team orientated approach of their work process by providing both formal and informal meeting areas. The workstations were designed to maintain the ability to work in a collaborative nature, while providing enough privacy for individual tasks. This adaptive reuse consisted of 73,695 SF of office space, 47,705 SF of production space and retained over 80% of the existing walls, floors and roof. The building incorporates energy saving technologies such as the use of cool roofing materials, natural day lighting strategies, the use of water efficient, native and adaptive landscaping materials, rainwater harvesting, a solar water heating system, and the use of thermal well system for air conditioning.

Water efficient irrigation and rainwater harvesting helped this project achieve LEED Gold Certification.