Aura on Lamar

Austin, Texas

Aura North Lamar, a mixed-use project in Austin, Texas, overcame numerous design challenges. The site’s unique location at the intersection of North Lamar Blvd and Koenig Drive posed constraints and limitations because of its irregular shape and a significant 25-foot grade change. Despite these obstacles, the development successfully incorporated 2,500 SF of retail and 2,600 SF of restaurant space on the first level, fostering the project’s engagement with the street and the neighborhood. The project includes 279 residential units with desirable amenities.

Easements, setbacks, and rights-of-way also impacted the site. A water easement along the Koenig side restricted conditioned space but allowed for retaining walls and ground floor unit patios. A right-of-way easement on the North Lamar side accommodated future transit, while the fire lane and utility easement were positioned south of the building. Within these constraints, the team explored site massing options to meet the desired net rentable square footage, incorporate amenities, and include retail and restaurant areas. A chosen massing scheme utilized facades on North Lamar and Koenig as prominent visual components.

The design accounted for the site’s grade change, resulting in a stepped configuration across all five levels. Straight construction lines were utilized to meet design expectations, multi-family layout standards, and create an engaging façade. A gray color gradient and differing balcony types were employed, resulting in a complex and layered effect. Despite the site’s constraints and the challenges of multi-family design, the project delivered innovative solutions, balancing functionality and aesthetics.