Alta West Commerce Landscape

Dallas, Texas

The Trinity Groves area in Dallas is emerging and becoming one of the most organic neighborhoods in its design, as it is just establishing the area’s character. The 8-acre West Commerce development features this new contemporary style in design, and more importantly contemporary brand of living. As a nod to the area’s industrial history, the site blends in sleek modern style with warmly toned rustic elements and textures. In visiting the amenity area one can find a reclaimed bright red shipping container, used as a shelter element, intermixed with a biergarten and barbecue area filled with decomposed granite and warmly stung festoon lighting to serve the Texas summer nights. These are all flanking a contemporary pool area, equipped with a board formed concrete fountain wall and lounge shelf. Gaming opportunities are intermixed within this area. In addition, proving ample amenity for sheltered dog recreation was pivotal to the design. However, in creating this abundant new dog park, the GFF Landscape team sought to preserve and reclaim the existing thicket and incorporate this large stand of trees into the design. Native and adaptive plant materials were specified for both their aesthetic and climate hardiness qualities throughout the site. In total, the West Commerce development ushers in a new and vibrant style of living in this hastily emerging district.