Alta Waterside Landscape

Fort Worth, Texas

Drawing from its context within Trademark’s 63-acre Waterside master development—which touts itself as a premier hybrid community and lifestyle center engaging the Trinity River and Trail, featuring a signature public space called “The Grove”, heritage trees, extraordinary natural amenities and their ‘Conscious Place’ initiative—the Alta Waterside project, a 361 unit, 418,000 SF multifamily development spread out among a four story wrap-style building, a four story tuck-under building, and three townhome buildings, deliberately deviates from the efficiency of the self-performed developer multifamily formula. A collaboration with GFF Landscape; the meandering site plan makes an effort to preserve the magnificent heritage trees on the site, embrace the outdoor-centric aims of the master development, and maximize views along the water. The site is uniquely framed on three sides by the Trinity River and an oxbow creek, and its setting really precludes the desire for internal courtyards, so the wrap building is planned in a way such that the ‘courtyard spaces’ are captured between ‘fingers’ of buildings which reach out toward the river and between the trees. The placements of the additional four buildings on site are also very much intended to minimize interference with and nestle between the natural features. Architecturally, the project embraces a ‘Texas Modern’ aesthetic.