Alta Trailhead

Austin, Texas

Growth in the City of Austin, including the racetrack, airport and many commercial, mixed-use, multifamily and culinary developments, has been trending east in recent years. Alta Trailhead follows this movement east to an area flush with potential, restoring a brownfield former petroleum site for a 308-unit apartment complex designed with materials which pay homage to the place’s industrial past. In a burgeoning area known for community and creativity, the site boasts both proximity to downtown and a connection to the developing hike and bike trail network. The project’s namesake comes from its positioning right between the existing Walnut Creek Hike and Bike Trail ending in adjacent Govalle Park on Boggy Creek, and the proposed redevelopment of the Southern Pacific Railroad line into a trail which connects to those downtown. The Trailhead will serve as a link between the two, and aims to foster a continued expansion and progress of this emerging district.