Alta State Thomas

Dallas, Texas

Among the most desirable and luxurious neighborhoods in Dallas, Wood Partners acquired a premium pair of lots to create a refined boutique multifamily residence that lies outside of their typical program and typical finish level.  Alta State Thomas sets itself apart from the plethora of Uptown apartments with larger floor plans and finishes/technology which rival many of the nicer condominium projects around downtown. Commanding much higher rents than their representative product, the project targets more empty-nesters than young urban professionals, though the property is by no means exclusive to that demographic. The historic, vibrant, walkable setting attracts anyone who can afford to live there to enjoy the neighborhood as the greatest amenity of all. As a kicker, residents of Alta State Thomas are treated to a stellar podium-top pool deck, top notch social, business and fitness areas, and a ground level lobby with the sense of security and refinement that often comes with urban high rise towers.