Alta State Thomas Landscape

Dallas, Texas

Pools and courtyards have become somewhat of a specialty for GFF Landscape. However, like an intricate puzzle, building them on podiums often requires a skilled hand in designing and a closer understanding of the core facets of the building’s composition.  There is an art to this, each project offers unique opportunities, and the amenity deck for this Alta State Thomas provides a simply entertaining retreat while subtly woven into the structure of the building. Among the deck features includes a barbeque grilling area, a cozy fireplace and lounge seating throughout. The raised pool gave opportunity for a shallow tanning deck and infinity edging in its perimeter, including a fully transparent acrylic edge, unmasking the depths of the water. Featuring dramatic views of the Dallas skyline to the east, the amenity deck at Alta State Thomas provides perfect setting for summer days lounging at the pool as well as soothing evenings basking upon the bustle from afar.