Alta Left Bank

Fort Worth, Texas

Left Bank is a 13.42-acre multi-block mixed use village which broke ground in September on West 7th Street between downtown Fort Worth and the Cultural District. Wood Partners was invited by the master developer (Centergy) to develop the multi-family residential component at Left Bank, which will be comprised of three city blocks containing a total of 571 residential units. One block is designed as a combination podium and wrap-style project, with 27,000 SF of ground floor retail and restaurant space. Two additional blocks are designed as three-and four-story “tuck under” apartments with individual garages, and 14 three-story townhomes. The combination of these housing typologies will provide significant diversity of options for potential residents. The architecture of the buildings is crafted to create a “neighborhood” feel among the blocks by using a language which avoids repetition. The blocks are linked by a pedestrian network which connects to green spaces and amenities. Wide sidewalks and consistent streetscapes follow guidelines established by the master developer.