Alta Farmer’s Market

Dallas, Texas

Located on Cesar Chavez Boulevard near the recently renovated Shed at the Dallas Farmers Market, Alta Farmers Market is a 313 unit wrap-style multifamily development which serves as a gateway from Interstate 30 into a neighborhood rapidly emerging as one of Dallas’ most distinctly urban living experiences. It distinguishes itself architecturally through a modern approach to design while remaining contextually sensitive through a subdued use of materials and a continuity of the elements defining the streetscape. The process of revitalizing a neighborhood like Farmers Market is multifaceted, and responsible development within such an area targets a diverse demographic to further a blossoming sense of community. GFF took particular care to make amenities feel abundant yet protected by providing much more courtyard space than is typical. The property’s most exceptional feature is an indoor/outdoor top level amenity deck/club area with one of the best views of the downtown skyline.