23Springs Landscape

Dallas, Texas

Granite’s 23Springs is located at the corner of Cedar Springs and Maple Avenue in the heart of Uptown Dallas. GFF worked in concert with Granite, to blend the uses of this 2.7-acre site to serve as a public retreat and a private office campus. At this active intersection sits a bosque of trees creating a shaded plaza with an integrated motor court, co-mingling the urban built environment with a natural retreat. Further south sits a central green space created through thoughtful placement of the office tower and restaurant buildings further activated by blurring the distinction between restaurant patios and the green. In addition, expansive tower lobby glass facing the green, allows the separation of public and private to dissolve. Tucked into a protected northern courtyard is a lounge area with water feature walls and outdoor conference rooms allowing further blending of the built and natural environment. As good stewards, GFF integrated natural systems to capture, store, and filter storm water and chiller condensate on site through a rain garden and sub surface storage.