Top of the Pecking Order

Every year, the Dallas Arboretum installs a new rotation of children’s playhouses as a part of an annual exhibit dedicated to entertaining and educating the youth throughout the DFW metroplex. Each playhouse is design-built by the pairing of a local architecture firm and general contractor selected by the Arboretum. As the time comes for a new exhibit, the theme changes in order to give the children a new topic to explore interactively. GFF was fortunate enough to be involved with the Arboretum’s venture last year as they displayed the “Great Explorers” responsible for discovering new lands and befriending indigenous tribes. This time around, each playhouse will focus on our favorite flight-worthy feathered friends. Accompanying the botanical garden’s theme of “Birds in Paradise,” a slew of children’s playhouses will disguise themselves as birdhouses, teaching tykes about various sorts of birds and the attributes associated with them.

This year, in order to spot GFF’s entry, look hard for the eyes and face of a great horned owl. There you will find our firm’s design dedicated to the sleepless bird, it’s nocturnal habits, and the different kinds of prey it stalks. If you still need a visual clue, the final design can be found below.

GFF’s Arboretum Playhouse exhibit of 2014 couldn’t have been done without the all the great help of the following individuals: Nick Nepveux, Lindsay Brisko, Lena Starostine, Ryan Wilson, Jason Hoyt, Kathleen Chu, Sam Stribling, and Emily Stribling.