‘On My Own Time’ Gallery 2017

In what has become a mainstay at the firm, GFF held our sixth annual gallery showcasing employee (and spouses’) artwork through the North Texas Business Council for the Arts’ On My Own Time program. As always, we were absolutely floored with the talents and passions of the people we see everyday. So many of them can do much more than answer emails and talk on the phone! We had fantastic participation this year, including a vocal performance by our receptionist Victoria! We were very excited to showcase the work and hold a reception to celebrate the artists at Kettle Art Gallery in Deep Ellum. We filled the space with art and great conversation, and a good time was had by all. The Kettle is doing great things when GFF’s art isn’t adorning its walls, so be sure to check them out when you get a chance. (They’re having a fundraiser event next Saturday at which all proceeds go directly to Houston artists’ recovery).


NTBCA assigned us another wonderful juror this year, Jordan Roth from Ro2 Art over in the Cedars (with a satellite location at the Magnolia in West Village). Jordan was tasked with selecting winners in each category to move on to a regional show at Northpark Mall, and he got help from the reception guests to declare a People’s Choice winner. Everybody who participated was a winner in our books, but the following pieces earned ribbons:


First Place Winners by Category (Judges’ selections):

Works on Canvas:                        Fleurs – Ashley Hall

Works on Paper:                           Jamie – Jonathan Creel

Black & White Photography:   Eclipse– Mariah Trevizo

                                                                Woman Spinning Wool – Luis Escobar

Color Photography:                     Leopard – Crystal Gore

Enhanced Photography:            Five Composition Studies– John Womble

Computer Art:                               Song Writer – JohnPaul Barrandey

Sculpture:                                     Cholla Chi – Susan Wright

Ceramics and Wood:                  Three Bowls– Stephanie Behring

Textiles and Fiber Art:                Garden at Sainte Adresse – Nancy Holmes

Best in Show:                            Naturaleza Muerta II – Idaliza Camacho

People’s Choice Award (as voted by GFF/guests):

People’s Choice:                       Conscious Ambition—Russell Hagg


The bar has been set so high by past galleries, and every year we’re just blown away by the abilities of our colleagues here at GFF. There is a lot of work that goes into the event beyond the artwork, and we are just so appreciative of all the efforts of everybody who makes this event so enjoyable. We already can’t wait until next year!