written by Ashley Hall

Ever thought about adding Solar panels to your home? Our own, Russell Hagg, Architect in the Dallas Interiors studio, answers some FAQ’s from his own experience:

AH: What sparked your interest on installing solar panels for your house?

RH: We wanted to find a way to reduce our electricity cost.

AH: In your own neighborhood, what (average) percentage of homeowner’s have solar panels or any other energy saving devices?

RH: 6 out of the 85 homes in our neighborhood have solar panels.

AH: How much research and time did you spend prior to deciding? Does Dallas have local jurisdictions per solar energy in a residential use?

RH: We spent over 40 hours researching and talking with different providers.  We are in a planned development, so there were no restrictions.

AH: What were the objectives needed for the solar to work?

RH: We wanted to reduce our electricity costs by at least 65% per month.

AH: Was cost an initial concern or did the benefits make that less of an issue?

RH: Yes, the initial cost was a concern.  The return on investment will be realized in 12 years.

AH: How long did the process take to choose the panels and install?

RH: After we selected Tesla the permitting 4 months

AH: Was there a resource you found most helpful when choosing the panels? Please list any you found most helpful.

RH: Tesla’s website.

AH: Was it hard for you to choose sustainability over aesthetic/looks and cost?

RH: Yes, but the cost savings won.

AH: If you are recommending solar to another peer, what considerations do you suggest?

RH: Cost and the return on investment – are you going to live int eh house long enough to benefit from the purchase of the panels.

AH: How long have you had the panels installed?

RH: Since April 2018

AH: What are your energy savings, and are you happy overall with your initial decision?

RH: Our monthly electricity bills have been – April $14.13, May $0.46

(Yes, 46 cents!), June $0.76, July $1.10.

AH: Has this pushed you to being more environmentally responsible in other ways?

RH: Yes, we have are more diligent to turn off lights when not in use.

AH: Opinion: Do we all have an obligation to the planet and future generations to make more decisions based on carbon footprint? Thoughts?

RH: Yes, it is important for everyone to understand we have limited resources.

For more information on Tesla’s system, visit: https://www.tesla.com/solarroof

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