Jam With GFF

From time to time, we like to share the music we listen to with our coworkers. New albums and new artists are currency for conversations about creative accomplishment and serve as the mood-shifting push that we need to find our own ideas. Temporarily locked in doors due to COVID-19, we find ourselves listening to music more than we’re used to during a workday. Kitchen tables and home offices have become our new workstations and music is providing the right environmental mask to transform our homes into proper work spaces.

We thought we would share some of the music that is keeping GFFers focused during this strange journey. Scroll down to experience some curated mixes.

Keep It Groovy

Different sounds, but should make you want to dance how ever you want, or just bop your head along.

Ashley Hall

Friday @ 5

This collection was grown in the rich soils of the Living Room Valley in central Dallas. With tunes harvested at the peak of the season, this 2020 vintage offers notes of intense funk, subtle house, and vibrant hints of blackberry. Pairs well with exercise, driving, and couch-surfing.

Ryan Bahlman

There’s No Place Like Home

This mix is an intent to convey emotional journey of our time. A story that assembles a stage similar to grief from the excitement of working from home to the anger of have to stay at home, to the eventual acceptance of the situation. We all have our stages, this is theoretically mine, however the story is not over yet.

Loren Boynton

I Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Get ready to swing dance to the perfect playlist that speaks to our situation.

Ryan Wilson

Double Feature

Two songs each for a few of the artists that I’ve been listening to during Shelter-In-Place.

Evan Beattie


Head in the clouds, day-dreaming, or reminscing. Let this music open your eyes and take you from one world to another that’s filled with creativity and imagination.

Taylor Hanttula

Crate Digging

Crate digging at home, working to keep a groove going on a sunny afternoon.

Gavin Newman

Modern Daft Rock

A collection of present-day pop-rock bops featuring solid synth, charged electric, and bad bass. Hop in your 80s Ford Sierra and drive.

Zach McLain


This mix conveys the emotion of the moment – fear of the unknown, isolation from our peers; and moves through an evaluation of the present to a hopeful outcome.

Brian Kuper

Lover Boy

Most of these tracks are love songs, unconditional or otherwise. Easy to listen to and sometimes chipper.

Levi Hooten

Stuck Inside

Just an apropos microcosm of my musical tastes that are getting me through the days, stuck inside both my house and my head…

Tyler Cini

House Arrest

A journey with some of the popular house music. A more intense kind of focus.

Josh Hafel