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GFF Planning blends an understanding of market realities with a rigorous analysis of the physical site to craft master plans which result in memorable places. Our talented team of land planners and urban designers possess a deep knowledge of the component building types which comprise liveable, walkable, mixed use developments, and we use our civic relationships effectively as we navigate the entitlement process for our clients.


GFF Planning is a multi-disciplinary division that expands upon our breadth and experience in the architectural realm to focus on the greater built environment. Comprised of a talented mix of land planners, urban designers and landscape architects, our mission is to improve the quality of life for those that utilize the projects for which we design. Our qualifications to shape the look and feel of a design resides through our multi-faceted experience:  land use master planning for both large and small sites, landscape architecture and urban design for both the public and private realm, writing design guidelines and form-based codes and zoning facilitation.

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