Portrait of a GFF Principal: Brian Kuper

Meet Brian Kuper. Brian has been with GFF for 23 years and is a Principal and Design Director. When he’s not working you can find him spending time with family, building things or playing shows with his awesome band! Read more about Mr. Kuper below:

  1. GFF – 23 years – Employee number 065.
  2. Wanted to be a car designer when I was young, but then it seemed Mike Brady had a cool job….
  3. From Illinois.  Moved to Texas in 1980 when dad was transferred from St Louis (where he and Duncan’s dad worked together – we didn’t figure this out until I’d been with GFF for a while) to San Antonio.
  4. TAMU – two tours of duty.  I changed my undergraduate major from Engineering to Architecture the morning of my Differential Equations final in fall of 1982.
  5. Married 21 years, and have two daughters – one who is attending TAMU.
  6. I build furniture – believing in all things Gerrit Rietveld.  I still have all my digits.
  7. A former “Corvette guy”, having owned three before acquiring offspring and the need for back seats.
  8. Drummer in a classic rock band (because old).
  9. Larry thinks I like all things Dutch.
  10. Electrical wiring is much more interesting “hot”.