Portrait of a GFFer: Taylor Hanttula

Meet Taylor Hanttula. Taylor is a Frisco native and graduate of Texas Tech University with a Master of Architecture. She joined the Kanaga studio in January of 2019. Read below for more about Taylor!

  1. My one true love is my parents’ dog, Scarlett! She has easily become the favorite child.
  2. I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% European. Specifics include German, British, and Finnish but mostly “Broadly Northwestern European” (Thanks 23&Me).
  3. I studied abroad in Paris. My favorite building to see was the Louis Vuitton Foundation which happened to have a colorful vinyl installation at the time I visited.
  4. I have also travelled to São Paulo, Brazil to study low income housing for a grad studio.
  5. My go-to podcasts are Armchair Expert and 99% Invisible.
  6. Enneagram type 7 & personality type ENTJ. Take a test and let me know what you are!
  7. I am a coffee fanatic.
  8. I enjoy going to concerts and being introduced to new music!
  9. The beach is my happy place! I love the water and grew up as a competitive swimmer, lifeguard, and swim instructor.
  10. I have met and interviewed Steven Holl for our college of architecture publication!