Portrait of a GFFer: Scott Williams

Meet Scott Williams. Scott received his Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State University (Cyclones, not Hawkeyes). He is a recent Fort Worth transplant and joined GFF’s Fort Worth Office. Read below for more about Scott!

  1. Couch forts are a legitimate design exercise for kids and adults alike as far as I am concerned.
  2. I’ve been called a serial hobbyist, though I primarily focus on leatherworking. I also like gardening, beer brewing, cooking, photography, and a million other things.
  3. I’ve known I was going to be an architect since middle school. I started interning half days during high school.
  4. The most important aspect to architecture, for me, is public health and safety. I spend a lot of time focused on details and codes as they relate to how a space may actually be used, particularly in emergency situations.
  5. I like to make things rather than buy them. I firmly believe that I can make anything better than what is available for purchase.
  6. I am constantly proven wrong about #5.
  7. I found my dog wandering the streets on Christmas Eve after someone had dumped him, a 2-month old puppy, behind some dumpsters down the street from me.
  8. My dog’s name is Tevere; the Italian name for the Tiber River and the namesake of the neighborhood where I lived while studying abroad, Trastevere.
  9. If I won the lottery, I would spend every dime building parks and gardens around the city.
  10. If I could choose anywhere in the country, I would live right here in DFW. And not simply because I can wear boots any day of the week.