Portrait of a GFFer: Ricardo Maga Rojas

From time to time, we post portraits of our GFF family and today’s portrait is pretty rad because it’s Ricardo Maga Rojas. Recent winner of the 2021 AIA Associates Award  and member of our dynamic Austin office, Ricardo’s strong sense of style, natural leadership, and lack of fear with his pet snake always gives a lot to envy. Get to know him a little better with these ten facts!

  1. I love learning new languages and learning them comes natural to me.
  2. In my spare time, I enjoy singing and dancing Salsa, Rumba, and Afro-Cuban folkloric music. I have performed in Austin at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard and Cheer Up Charlies during SXSW with a group called Afrobatics/Afro-Caribbean Soul Collective.
  3. I enjoy cooking and baking. My favorite thing to bake is Cuban guava and guava-cheese pastries.
  4. My favorite cigar is Padron 1926. Yes! I enjoy a robust cigar. It’s a solid stick with flavors of coffee, chocolate, and peppery earthy flavors. It pairs well with a Balvenie Scotch Whisky. I enjoy all types of spirts – mostly rum and whisky.
  5. One of my favorite fruits to have are mamoncillos. I can only get them in Miami and I grew up with this fruit in my life.
  6. My favorite all time drink is guarapo – sugarcane juice. It’s the best thing to have all year round but especially during the summer.
  7. I am Afro-Cuban and I belong to a multitude of African Traditional Religions – Lucumi, Malongo, and Spiritism.
  8. I am a big fan of snakes – mostly constrictors like boas and pythons. Fun fact: Did you know some snakes lay eggs and some birth live? It’s true! Look it up.
  9. I grew up in Banes, Holguin, Cuba and emigrated to the United States (Miami, FL) in 1992.
  10. I have a volunteer problem! I believe you put into organizations what you want out of them and enjoy serving and giving back to the community through my commissioner roles, organizations like the AIA, and Hip-Hop Architecture Camp.