Portrait of a GFFer: Rebeca Sullivan

Meet Rebeca Sullivan. Rebeca is a Senior Project Coordinator at GFF. She is a native of the Northeast Plains of Colorado and graduate from the University of Colorado. Read below for more about Rebeca!

  1. I am the sixth child of nine children.
  2. I was born in a truck on the way to the hospital in the middle of the country side in Mexico. My paternal grandparents and father helped deliver.
  3. I enjoy hiking, camping, mountain climbing, sightseeing, and anything to do with the outdoors.
  4. I enjoy spending quality time with my 22 month old daughter and husband.
  5. I attend the Texas State Fair mainly for the rabbit shows. That’s how I ended up with two pet rabbits, Osito and Pedro.
  6. I became an avid gluten free baker after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease back in 2007.
  7. My go to stress reliever is ice skating.
  8. My favorite job thus far…being a mom!
  9. Traveling outside the US are my ideal vacation destinations.
  10. I hate driving and avoid it any chance I get. I really only started driving a car when I moved to Dallas 5 years ago.