Portrait of a GFFer: Perry Weber

Meet Perry Weber. Perry is a Chicago native and graduate from the University of Kansas. He joined GFF in 2018 and is in the Womble Studio. Read below for more about Perry!


  1. As a kid I was known for having weird accidents. Ask me about the time I got magnets stuck up my nose.
  2. I grew up in Chicago and fell in love with Architecture. I would highly recommend the Architecture Boat Tour.
  3. I can juggle, ride the unicycle, fly trapeze, and more.
  4. While backpacking through Europe, I had the most spontaneous night in Paris and bonded with non-English speaking locals over music and wine.
  5. I laugh at anything… I’m the best audience for a bad joke.
  6. My happy place is the beach, anywhere with live music, or new surroundings.
  7. As soon as the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, I got in my car and drove to Chicago for the parade.
  8. My dad was a clown in the circus.
  9. I’ve played basketball and sledded with Scottie Pippen.
  10.  My guilty pleasure is having fun…don’t tempt me if you have something fun in mind.