Portrait of a GFFer: Michael Keller

Meet Michael Keller. Michael grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, and attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Although he is a certified Ragin Cajun, he moved to Houston where he worked and lived for 20 years. After the Great Recession, he moved to Brazil to start a modular housing company which never took off. Michael then landed in Austin in 2012. Read below for more about Michael!

  1. I had my first job when I was nine years old, I worked for a landscape company and made $1.25 an hour, so it was Sunkist, Funyuns and Donkey Kong all summer long.
  2. Before I could get my driver’s license I had to first get my ham radio license because of my father, which meant I had to learn Morse code at five words a minute.
  3. I had the first computer thesis in my college, the year was 1993.
  4. I executive produced a really bad indie film called Grantham & Rose.
  5. I have a novel on Amazon, The Splintering of Ren Sato. Oh, and several books of poetry, but alas, that is a young man’s game.
  6. I was a beekeeper for two years. I’ve actually made queen bees before. All it takes is royal jelly.
  7. I actually made a diorama of one of the scenes of my book, (it’s one of the photos) called the Murder of Thistle Boudreaux.
  8. I much prefer analog dials to digital, no I will not wear an Apple Watch ever! The dial shot is of my Mini Cooper.
  9. I am currently reading Cosmos by Carl Sagan.
  10. I am a huge art lover.